Fruits of travelling

Yesterday I went on a booze cruise to Calais. In one of the large supermarkets we picked up some beer; this is one of the things we got.

Gueuze is an aged lambic beer from Brussels. Lambic is a beer that is fermented using the natural yeasts present in the place the beer is brewed. This is termed spontaneous fermentation. When fresh lambic is very acidic and lively, serious ageing is often required to make it palatable. This version has been aged in cask for two years before bottling. It is far from the most traditional Gueuze one could have; for that one needs to look for the producers Cantillon or Boon. This offering comes from the producer Lindemans.

Gueuze Foudroyante, 4%

Dark amber colour. A sweet nose of candied lemon peel, it is also quite orange-y. It is not especially complex. It tastes quite sweet and there is not the frightening acidity one generally seeks in lambic beers. The taste is very short and simple, it is almost bland. Perhaps I like my Gueuze to be far too scary in terms of intensity, but I find this to be quite dull. Not up to standard.