Espresso (part one of many)

The neighbours have a very good espresso machine, a Francis Francis X1. It came from here. The reason why I know it is good is because it always produces a very good crema on the espresso. The orange/brown foam on top is very present and persistent. The coffee it produces is rich and full of flavour. It is also easy to clean and maintain, it takes coffee pods as well as ground coffee and can make one or two shots at the same time; the perfect coffee machine for what is known as the pro-sumer market. Current beans in the grinder are a light-roast espresso bean; my personal preference is for something a bit darker and stronger but this is good, it has a reasonable degree of balance in its flavours and it is not over-whelming. I feel deeply invigorated after a cup. It is also handy for making one of the raw materials for espresso martinis.

You’ll note I do not only drink alcohol.