Quickie: Sexist soda

We were in our local wine shop and noticed they has some sexist soda from Italy on sale. Naturally we couldn’t help but buy some as they might have been nice drinking with our N’duja and pasta later that evening.


As you can see, the N’duja with pasta looks brilliant, but the Chinotto was not as good as the San Pellegrino version which is about half the price.


THe same goes for the limonata I tried. Personally I would only recommend these drinks to people in locations so isolated they are likely to get titillated and desire to commit the sin of Onan to some bottles with images so harmless they are actually a bit tragic.

If you fit this mold you might like to see the whole range of silly little, overpriced bottles.


Everyone else, don’t bother, they are not funny enough to merit the outrageous price for a not terribly good drink.

Originally posted here at December 04, 2013 at 02:05PM