Should I worry?

Sometimes I worry that my tastes are somewhat narrow. I like French wine, Burgundy most of all, and a few villages in particular. I’ve written up [link2post id=”1591″]four[/link2post] [link2post id=”1706″]Domaine[/link2post] [link2post id=”1614″]des[/link2post] [link2post id=”1620″]Lambrays[/link2post] wines on here and I’ve just ordered another bottle for general drinking over the up-coming weeks. I do really like Morey-St.-Denis wines, I’d drink a lot more Dujac on a regular basis if it was freely available. Well, I do drink quite a lot of Dujac wines, just not whilst I’ve been writing this blog. Is this bad of me? I suppose not; I’ve admitted this is a very personal site so I may as well stick to what I like.

I did suggest I might put more jokes up, so here goes. Two parrots were sitting on a perch and one of them said, “Do you smell fish?”