Is this really the government’s domain to meddle in?

I’m just reading an article on the Daily Telegraph about the new food strategy that is being cooked up by the loony, control-freak government in Blighty. It is pissing me off no end.

Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary who is cooking this up is clearly a nutter in the very worst sense of the word (he is also a vegetarian). By way of demonstration, he thinks that the government has to right to tell shops if they can have ‘buy one get one free’-offers. What the hell do supermarket offers have to do with the bloody government? It is none of their freaking business. Restaurant menus also need health and carbon-footprint labels, we are told. What a pile of overly-bureaucratic toss.

The Labour party think we need ‘big government’ to look after us and tell us what we can and cannot do. They want to meddle in the minute details of our lives and they have no reason for doing so. Most notably under the influence of the odious Gordon Brown, Labour has sought to move us away from the laudable Anglo-Saxon model of ‘all that is not specifically forbidden is permitted’ to a more Continental system of ‘all that is not specifically permitted is forbidden’. As a freedom-loving Englishman this vexes me no end.

As we know, it is a mistake to think that the evils of the world can be cured by legislation. Having legal limits on the size of a packet of crisps is just an overly interfering load of toss that it is worthy of the most worrisome Stalinist five-year plan.

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