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Mission 82, Mouton 89 and lovely Keithy P!

Lunch with Keith Prothero

This will be a brief report, but I hope to capture the brilliance of the occasion that was lunch with Keith Prothero. Not only is he a lovely fellow, but all his friends are too, and all share exquisite taste in food and drink. Best lunch I’ve had in ages – well done Nigel P-M […]

Grilled bone marrow

Monday at Hawksmoor: first-class meat, exceptional wines and terrific company

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to dine at Hawksmoor, London’s best meat restaurant, in the company of some engaging and entertaining chaps. Many thanks to Guy Dennis for organising it; it was lovely to see you and Paul Day again and distinctly jolly to make the acquaintance of Nigel Platts-Martin, a restauranteur with a […]

Five more to go, probably down the sink

I have no idea what grapes this wine is made from, if indeed it is made from grapes. The partner has been given a six pack, what will we do with them all I wonder. Natural Sweet 2002, Buitenverwachting It is quite orange. The nose has a lot of botrytis, acetone and vinegar smells. It […]