My latest quickie: Davy’s Birthday Big Bottle Bonanza For those attending my…

Davy’s Birthday Big Bottle Bonanza

For those attending my 40th in November you can see the latest arrivals for the party in the top-most picture.

The other two pictures show the full line-up of thirteen magnums and four jeroboams for the thirty guests at Davy’s Birthday Big Bottle Bonanza.

If you’ve missed the full list for my extreme dissolution party it is here. You will note that these wines are not the same list of boring famous names that wine snobs whip out to impress their friends at events, but rather bottles of very high quality and extreme interest for those more concerned with tasting something good that expands their minds. At an average (that I intend to exceed, I cannot promise) of 1.4 bottles of wines per person minds will indeed be expanded.


  • Druin

    Delighted to see you well enough to be posting again, Davy, and what a fabulous array of wines. May they bring great and lasting joy.

  • Well, it’s only a quickie post, but proper, detailed, meaty, incredibly suggestive tasting notes and articles are not too far away. I have an array of wines waiting to pop the I’ve just been too ill to consider drinking (especially when I was on the med that made me vastly depressed, incredibly psychotic and frighteningly suicidal if I touched booze, that made me even more depressed than the med itself did). There will be a short gap before quickies turn into full posts as still I’ve got psychotic symptoms hanging around that make it very hard to write with speed, style and salaciousness.

    I’m pleased you approve of my eclectic selection of wines.

  • Oh dear, Tumblr didn’t send the full resolution images here. If you want to look at the pictures in glorious high resolution you should be able to by going here and clicking on the pictures.

  • David Jenkins

    Sounds fantastic. Where’s my invite 🙁

  • Mark Gough

    Good job there was no problem with delivery of the latest eh David;-) ! Almost as reliable as Norbert (Dentressangle).

    Only other thing to be said is ‘Yum yum’ (or similar).

  • Lord, I’m sorry I’m not going to be there, David. It’s going to be a blast. I hope there won’t be too many casualties.