An Elitistreview book?

I started writing a book at the beginning of summer; about Burgundy, oddly. Much as I enjoy writing it is a lot of effort for mad man me. Consequently, it occurs to me I should find out whether anyone would actually be interested in buying it before flaying myself alive writing the bloody thing. Hence this poll.

SONY DSC                       My book is called 50 Great Burgundies and it is an unhinged hurtle through what I consider the 50 Burgundies most entitled to leave you in penury. They are not all the famous crus from exalted producers, but the kind of things I seek out because they’re available, attractive and (almost) affordable.

For each of the fifty wines I recommend I’m writing a general style guide and a more detailed analysis of a vintage I feel particularly successful. Again my chosen vintages might be be the ones received wisdom would lead you to expect. I also give general notes about the producer, and there may be more than one wine per producer.

I was planning to publish this as an Amazon/Kindle eBook, because everyone can read them on their smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. and I doubt anyone would dare publish me in book form. It’d be a couple of hundred pages long with a sprinkling of unobtrusive pictures to break up my screaming rants. It would be quite cheap.

So, my question: Would you be interested in buying an Elitistreview book?


  • Berry Crawford on Facebook wrote:

    Id read it

  • Berry Crawford on Facebook wrote:

    And even buy it

  • Alex Lake on Facebook wrote:

    50 shades of burgundy? Yes please!

  • David Strange on Facebook wrote:

    Buying it is the important thing, Berry:)

  • Todd French on Facebook wrote:

    Get it ready for BerserkerDay!

  • David Strange on Facebook wrote:

    I think that is a bit enthusiastic, Todd. Writing is a slow old job at Elitistreview Towers and I have the blog to keep up as well. Plus all my adoring fan mail to answer… 😉

  • Todd French on Facebook wrote:

    BerserkerDay 2014, then, ya puss

  • Sean Hardon on Facebook wrote:

    Chat to KP David. I think you have to come up with a subject matter that comes from left field though, something historical would be fun.

  • Tom Blach wrote:

     Put me down for one, David. I will commission my daughter to print it out and bind it.

  • David Strange wrote:

    I’m not sure there is a way of printing Kindle books, Tom. If you promise me you won’t edit it to make it sound sensible then spread it around the internet, I’ll send you a printable version once I’ve got your readies for the electronic copy. Even though I burnt all my copies of my DPhil thesis I’m willing to be in print in book form again…

  • Tom Blach wrote:

     Right you are David.   I suppose you wouldn’t be able to print out a Kindle book, I hadn’t thought of that. I think you’d be surprised by how many copies a real book would sell, though. I’m fully expecting more titillation than ‘Fifty shades of grey’  and look how well that did from humble beginnings!

  • David Strange wrote:

    Titillation… hmmm… I was just reading part of it and there’s an awfully large number of poorly-concealed references to sex. But I tell it like it is: Burgundy can be obscenely lubricious.

  • bags wrote:

    One of the hardest things in the world is to understand your own persona within the world. You are beloved and respected. Hell, I’d buy just about (“just” because you are capable of things I am not!) anything you’d write.

  • David Strange wrote:

     Bags, old stick, you are always so lovely. It would be nice if we could chat one day.

  • Humberto wrote:

     i dont even like burgundy and id buy it 😉

  • Christian wrote:

    I don’t like the acid juice, but would buy a book from you David, just to make you taste a real wine, aka Grenache from Chateauneuf 😉




  • David Strange wrote:

    Well, that’s 52 copies sold; that’ll buy me a bottle of fizz. I’ll write a bit more this afternoon, then. Thanks for voting!

  • Mike During wrote:

    I’ll buy a couple

  • David Strange wrote:

    Thanks, Mike, I hope you consider it worth buying two!