Somehow I feel let down

Christophe Roumier makes damned good wines. This is not pleasing me very much, though, perhaps it is still too young?

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Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru les Cras 1996, Domaine G. Roumier

A bit brick in colour. Some nice fruit on the nose, but it smells a bit direct and, dare I suggest it, there is a hint of greenness about this wine. Also a hint of HP Sauce which I find deeply unattractive (great as it is on bacon sandwiches). This smells reasonably complex, harmonious and balanced, but just not very nice. The palate is just a bit flat and one-dimensional too, it is just not so interesting. OK, the brightness of the fruit and the undoubted complexity of this wine lift it above ‘sub-interest’, but nowhere near far enough for my liking.