A good day for the ego – I’m in The Times and people like my tasting notes

I’m pleased as chips today. Firstly, that august organ The Times published a big picture of me looking terribly cold in the only vaguely photogenic location in horrible, horrible Woolwich. I am more than happy to be the new face of paranoid schizophrenia.

[image image_id=”4826″ size=”large” align=”center”]

I’ll come clean and admit that I am on page 69, so I have plenty more work to do before my visage gets slapped across the front page.

The second ego augmentation event, that I’ve just this moment found out about, is that my favourite wine discussion board, Wine Berserkers, have honoured me with joint first place in their informal tasting note of the year awards. It is particularly pleasing that my winning note, from [link2post id=”4754″]this article on 2009 Burgundy[/link2post], was an above-average bit of lewdness that reads:

“You won’t have as much fun with a bottle of Bourgogne rouge unless it ends with going to hospital to get it extracted.”

I’m rarely more satisfied with a post than when I can fit in some schoolboy-level sniggering at bodily functions.

My thanks go to Rethink (the schizophrenia charity I am a media volunteer for), who pointed The Times in my direction, and to everyone at Wine Berserkers who enjoy smirking at something a bit dirty.

  • Many Congratulations David! I always knew you had star quality. Onwards and upwards (but don’t forget your little friends and fans).

  • Ron Pelley

    Excellent! Well done. I know you’re in there because of your health, but I hope more people will now find this site and get to share your wonderful posts.

  • Thanks chaps, it is nice to know people like this spume of drivel. I imagine I will remain a somewhat underground success, though, I am both a bit high-brow and also a bit childishly lewd.

  • Ron Pelley

    Well, I can tell you what I come here for and it ain’t high-brow!
    Keep it up!

  • Those are brilliant trousers, are they the famous duck ones? Your lewdness is what I love about you the most and its good to see its not changed, apart from it being about wine now I’m not so small/accessible. I will never forget you walking up to me when I was young and saying ‘Christ your ugly’ and then walking away but despite that you were and still are the best brother I could ask for-anything else would just be boring and average!

  • David, it was great to meet you, and good luck with everything. This website is fantastic, and I gave it a recommendation on my blog.


    Hope everything is going well