Horizon – Why did I go mad? (Video link – WORKING)

On Tuesday evening The Editor, the producer of the Horizon program and I went out for a little meal then came back to Elitistreview Towers to watch the episode of Horizon. Lawks, it was terribly good. Strangely, I found myself feeling a lot of… empathy for myself. Like most loons I just keep battling on and try not to let things get to me. However, the Horizon program showed, with no exaggeration at all, that I have a really hard time. It was quite difficult to watch.

Then, as soon as the program finished, the bad scallops I had for dinner kicked in and I spent all of Tuesday night and all of Wednesday being violently ill. I’m still not feeling great. I will have words with that restaurateur today.

But anyway, if you didn’t catch the program here is links to part 1, part 2 and part 3 (each section is about 15 minutes long).

That is, of course, Copyright BBC, and their hawkish legal people may take it down.