What 2002 Pommard Premier Cru am I lacking?

I’ve just scored a bottle of Pommard Premier Cru Rugiens 2002 from de Montille. I also have Pommard Premier Cru Clos des Epeneaux 2002 from Comte Armand, and both Premier Cru Rugiens and Premier Cru Grand Clos des Epenots both de Courcel from 2002.

Now, I find myself feeling pretty smug about having such quality Pommard that promises to provide a lot of pleasure at some future event. I do wonder, however, if there is any other 2002 Premier Cru Pommard I am missing out on*. I think not, but I’d be willing to entertain any suggestions that other people might have. And Pommard can be lovely, Jeremy, so a bottle of Cotes de Nuits red would not be an appropriate suggestion**.

*I also have Pommard Premier Cru Jarollieres 2002 from Pousse d’Or, but I doubt this will deliver the olfactory fireworks as the wines mentioned above.

**I already have a more than suitable ringer for the mass Pommard-tasting: [link2post id=”1486″]Sancerre Rouge[/link2post].

  • Peter S

    Just slightly second-rate after Rugiens and Epenots, but also capable of giving great pleasure are de Montille’s Pezerolles and de Courcel’s Fremiers.

    Very much first rate are the Gaunoux Rugiens and Clos des Epenots. Worth seeking out when you are next in France (not much seen over here unfortunately).

  • Jeremy

    Today, I ran your blog through http://genderanalyzer.com and here were the results:
    “We guess http://elitistreview.com/ is written by a man (58%), however it’s quite gender neutral.”

    You would think that the fact that the blog is written by “David” would make them feel more strongly about your male-ness, but you fare better than many.

    Going back to your Pammard suggestions, I would certainly contemplate De Montille’s Pezerolle, as well as the same by Vincent Dancer (tough to find, I’m sure) and doesn’t Henri Boillot make a Pommard?

    The fact that your ringer will be Sancerre rouge makes my point rather better than I might have hoped.

  • David Strange

    Gender neutral, indeed! Do women go on and on about tits?

    I know Jean-Marc Boillot makes a Pommard Jarollieres, never really tweaked my fun bits.

    I can do de Montille Pezerolle and de Courcel Fremiets. 2002 Pommard is just so good; fleshy, packed with charm, and layers of lovely flavour.

    Just you wait, Seysses, I have a blind-tasting challenge for you this summer that will give you a proper test.

  • David Strange

    A tiny bit more research has demonstrated I can get Vincent Dancer’s wine as well. Not cheap, this diamond mining, but will repay a lot with the pleasure they’ll provide.

  • Ed

    Ah David, I am afraid to share with you the bombshell that women do indeed talk about “tits” a good deal. so it was probably this alone that marked you out as nearly a girl. I must confess I agree with Jeremy. If the best you can manage is Sancerre you are on a most sticky wicket. I vigorously applaud diversity – and Pommard is interesting – but I have only enough money to buy wine I know will provide larks. If someone says “Pommard!” in a word association game I would never, ever say “Larks!”. More, “Oh, okay then.”

  • David Strange

    I’ve had some fucking sex Pommard recently, really the proverbial rude bits. Aren’t they rude.

    As far as a ringer wine goes I stand by the Sancerre suggestion firstly because there are not that many places in the world where fine, mineral Pinot Noir is grown but also because L’Homme Vacheron makes wines of the very highest quality. Any Vacheron Sancerre, of either colour, can be served with the very best wines of the world and not feel inadequate.

  • Jeremy

    My Boillot recommendation was Henri rather than Jean-Marc, but I acknowledge that it is hardly essential to your lineup. Those 2002s should be considerably more enjoyable, if given another 10+ years or a great deal of air, than that 2003 from Courcel you opened during my last visit. That one was only enjoyable if you were headed to the moon, as it was indeed tannic rocket fuel.

    re my Sancerre comment, few people are greater fans of Jean-Laurent’s wines as myself, but much as I am a fan, his wines’ strength lies in their tough minerality rather than in their suavity of tannin AND minerality. That combo would make them, dare I say it, more like Cote de Nuits than like Pommard. If we are to use the analogy of licking rocks, there are frost fractured rough angled stones and lovely polished riverbed gravel. I know which one I would rather lick.

    Well done on finding the Dancer. I’m quite curious to find out how it will fare in this formidable horizontal. I suspect him of being highly underrated for his reds.

    Now it is time for you to run some tests on genderanalyzer and make your blog more manly, perhaps with talk of mechanics, football, viagra and motorcycles.