How do you pronounce Cinsault?

Cinsault grapes


Since I have been drinking infinitely more of the stuff than I was, say, ten years ago, I have heard a variety of ways in which people pronounce Cinsault (or Cinsaut, if you prefer). I now have more South African readers and one could argue the the spiritual home of Cinsault is South Africa. So who better to ask how to pronounce Cinsault than my wonderful new readers?

I am not trying to see how many people know the right pronunciation (whatever that means); I am merely interested in how people pronounce Cinsault!. As I am sure we all know, language is our servant not our master – we use it as we please.

What I am asking is you to chose one of the options, or add another, for the way you pronounce Cinsault. I have spelled out the pronunciations that a few of my friends have used, in the poll below. What I mean is I have written out how they are said; for example, I pronounce ‘Pinot Noir’ as Pee-no N-w-ar.

So have a think how you pronounce Cinsault, choose one of the suggestions I have given. You can use the drop-down box to either type in how you pronounce Cinsault, if you say it differently, or choose one of the ways of pronouncing Cinsault, that have been added to the drop-down box by other people. I hope that is clear!

Remember, despite what the French may think, there is not a right or wrong answer. I want to know how you pronounce Cinsault/Cinsaut.

Remember to say/choose how you pronounce it if you choose ‘Other’!

Here is the poll!

My excellent friend Ricard gives some fascinating etymological detail in the first comment below