Not wine but a small cat

Those who follow me on Facebook will know I occasionally paint watercolours using my iPad Pro. I use the art package Procreate, that is not only extremely powerful but also has a name of suggested rudeness about it. Hooray!

I’m all too happy to admit I cheat slightly, in that I have a photograph of what I’m trying to paint open next to my canvas and I freely – extremely freely – make use of the ‘undo’ function. Apart from that, there is no computerised jiggery-pokery involved. These are, as much as my limited talent allows, my own work.

I painted this piece for The Editor. Surely if there is one person who deserves a gift – who is not me;) – it is The Editor. This morning the postman delivered his printed copy of this, so now he has seen it, I can show it off.

It is the most difficult thing I have ever painted and I think it came out pretty well. It is based on a rather good, distinctly moody photograph of his nine-month-old little cat I took a few weeks ago.

So allow me to present my watercolour of Fudge the little cat:

Fudge the little cat

Click on it for a larger version. I welcome comments!