Thank you – Elitistreview survives

I am just waiting for three pledged donations, and then I should be able to go forward with carpal tunnel release surgery – Elitistreview will continue to have a writer! It (and I) survive to fight another day!

I would like to thank, in no particular order: Todd Hamina, Dani Lindholm, Keith Prothero, Linda Irving-Bell, Max Oldfield, Greg Thomas, Jonathan Kalman, Jonathan Rozes, Paul Jenkins, Stephan Coleman, Will Beckett, Julian Holzapfl, Milo Thurston and Alex Lake. You are wonderful, wonderful people and I am eternally grateful for you releasing me from pain. I hate being in pain, and you lovely lot have saved me from, at the very least, six months of terrible, terrible pain. Drop around any time you like for a drink and a group hug!