We are still online – this time with Riesling!

We are still toasting the generosity of Russell, Mark, Mac, Darren and Jules for getting us online again – but this time with some bloody proper wine! I must admit, having missed the 2014 en primeur tasting, I am yet to try any 2014 German Riesling, but how can you go wrong with von Schubert Abtsberg? Off the top of my head I cannot think of a vintage I have not enjoyed in the past couple of decades. That is a winning streak!

We are drinking this with the delicious chicken and ham pies from excellent purveyor Mud Pies. They are one of the ‘must visit’ stalls in the Hampshire Farmers’ Market. Not only are their pies excellent but they also make rather scrummy quiches; but being packed full of delicious Hampshire free-range eggs they are less wine friendly. Anyway, Riesling and pie wait for no man, so cheers for getting us back online, chaps; we toast your good health with:

Riesling Spatlese Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg 2014Riesling Spatlese Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg 2014, von Schubert

Gloriously attractive nose of mango and lychee as well as extremely ripe citrus fruit. Highly attractive!

No hint of botrytis, just quite ripe Riesling fruit at its most attractive, swaddled in puppy fat. Rieslings are so tasty when they are really young; it’s a wonder I have ever managed to age any!

Now, I know full well that you cannot smell acidity, but this smells like it is going to burn you an extra bumhole.

Yeah, OUCH! That is pretty screaming on the acidity front. Also not amazingly sweet; this must be the first time in an age a von Schubert Spatlese has not been a de-classified Auslese.

Lovely citrus fruit with exotic hints, and that Abtsberg intricate correctness (not as in ‘drink my Abtsberg and you will be corrected!’) which gives the whole thing a slightly understated demeanour.

Yes, it is deeply lovely too, but you have to think about it to get the full value of pleasure from this wine. It is a very ‘correct’ Spatlese, and I feel this would benefit it in the cellar. Not that I have any regrets about popping my only bottle tonight. It is a real treat with a richly flavoured chicken and ham pie; great match!

It is a properly fine wine in a way that von Schubert have, more 5-10 years ago than recently, has not always been. Serious, classy and fine. And your very good health, chaps!