A brilliantly lovely Riesling

Fritz Haag wines can be such beautiful entities of pure, intense loveliness; this really is a goodie.

[image image_id=”2178″ align=”left”]Riesling Auslese Braueberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr Fuder 10 1999, Fritz Haag

Wow what a nose. Stunningly pure and ravishingly attractive citrus fruit. Its slaty minerality is totally focussed and completely delicious. This is a nose you’ve got to love be you an uber-aesthete constantly seeking of dissolution or tediously dreary person with few spotlights of really enjoyable experiences in your mundane existence. Amazing nose, man, really throbbingly, pulsingly amazing. No petrol here, though, its all fresh, deliciously ripe lime fruit and that gorgeous, divine minerality. Ah, now this is a sex-charged palate. The tension between fruity sweetness, vibrant acidity and vivaciously exciting minerality is perfectly pleasurable and beguilingly engaging. This may be rather sweet, but it is very light-bodied and totally elegant. It just dances across my palate leaving footprints of exquisite delight as I swirl this around. Total harmony, most certainly; complete, cat’s-arse-tastic balance which is just making me smile so very much. For the lover of fine things this provides a great deal of material for chortling with unbridled mirth. Stunningly long with a screamingly complex but thrustingly refined finish. This is a tits-fine wine which is giving me rather lewd amounts of pleasure now, yet it’ll easily age for much, much longer and keep on providing hilarious enjoyment as it does so. Clearly top grade kit.