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Robert Chevillon remains the go to address for modern , powerful Nuits-Saint-Georges. The wines are true to their appellations and good agers, as a 2001 Pruliers popped recently demonstrated .

Regular readers will know I prize Mugnier Nuits above all, but I’m cheap, I’ll drink anything good. Places to go in Nuits are Chevillon,, Gouges, Mugnier, Alain Michelot, Jean Chavenet, de Montille, Cathiard, l’Arlot and, on one occasion, Dujac. But this promises to be a quality interpretation of the 2006 Nuits Premier Cru experience.

Chevillon Vaucrains 2006 with child

The Editor got me this to demonstrate my place in the relationship.

Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru Vaucrains 2006, Robert Chevillon

Despite the heady, Porty fruit this remained a construction of dark berries and leafy earthiness – very Nuits. That Port-y fruit is a bit of a shocker, to me anyway, I haven’t found many such voluptuous Nuits in 2006. It’s engaging in it’s sense of place and richly earth on the nose. Sadly not pulsing with dimension, the lesser quality of the vintage hampering its potential complexity. The palate had a silky smooth entry and then the powerful Vaucrains rigour asserts itself. It’s a manly wine but not terribly sophisticated. Still it’s fruit and tannin vivacity levels make me think you should drink this soon.

Drink with stock and Port stewed shin of Jersey beef:

 Shin of Jersey beef stew

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