A remarkably affordable and delicious Beaune

I don’t drink Beaune wines that often as they rarely engorge my passions, but I got a hot tip that Domaine de Montille were not finding theirs so easy to sell and so prices are currently especially keen. De Montille wines at bargain prices are not the kind of things I turn down unless I am in the loony bin with my bank cards confiscated.

This bottle came from the Wine Soc (at a deeply non-extortionate price) for general drinking purposes and tonight it has provided my friends and I with more drinking pleasure than one would reasonably expect for such a bargain price. I did well buying this bottle; shame the Wine Soc have none left as this bottle is engorged with good times.

[image image_id=”3458″ size=”medium” align=”left”]

Beaune Premier Cru les Sizies 2006, Domaine de Montille

There is a lot of very pretty fruit on the nose, I’m finding this highly attractive as I smell it. There is a reasonable amount of earthy dimension to it as well, so it is by no means a simple wine. Sniff this and you feel you are smelling a proper Burgundy that delivers both charm and complexity. The palate is downright delicious; its fruit is palatable in an immediately appealing sense but there is a serious complexity which keeps your faculties engaged even when its more obviously alluring characters suggest you should be knocking it back with hilarious abandon. It is great to drink a bottle of Burgundy with such restraint in alcohol level yet which engages my tasting faculties in terms of its manifest depth of character. It is also remarkably open and accessible for a 2006, a lot of which are more than a shade on the tough side at the moment. Lovely, highly drinkable wine which tweaks my interest from the level of being a well-priced wine to knock back on a random evening right up to the heady heights of being an interesting and thought-provoking bottle of red Burgundy. Keenly-priced bottles like this re-affirm my oft-stated view that Burgundy can deliver serious quality without charging the earth.