Nuits with sossis

Yesterday I waxed lyrical about the quality of pork products from Beechcroft Direct, so I am pleased to report that tonight I am noshing on their sausage. A hearty meal of sausage and mash can cheer even miserable swine (as I’ve been recently), particularly when the sausage are the mega-beezer Old English types made from Oxford Sandy and Black pigs. We shall eat well.

The perennial question, what to drink, remains. I initially thought something Cornas-like, but then I remembered I’m a flash git who likes Burgundy – Premier Cru Nuits it is! Chevillon are without a doubt one of the hot producers of Nuits, although no longer my favourite after Freddie Mugnier’s brilliance with Clos de la Marechale. 2001 is an attractive vintage that I rather like so the portents are good for dinner-time drinking.


Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru Pruliers 2001, Chevillon

This nose is a reminder of why Burgundy is the best red wine in the world. It’s got everything: polished fruit, rich earthiness, svelte elegance  and incredible complexity. If that doesn’t sound really good then it’s you with the problem, not me or the wine. There are hints of maturity on the nose, but it’s pretty lively. This is a highly attractive stage to drink Burgundy – youthful enough to have energy and fruit yet mature enough to be soft and yielding. I thought this would be good but this smells fuck-arsing wizard. The palate has rigorous Nuits tannins that are just softening with age, a good tang of acidity and really lovely, lively fruit. It’s definitely got earthy complexity and by cracky do those flavours persist. Yeah, there are shades of rigour, but this is really just one super-attractive love bunny. If you put lipstick and a g-string on this bottle you’d get into any club with it on your arm. Thank arse I didn’t piss around with any Cornas; I may have the best Cornas the world can offer, but this is bloody sexy Burgundy man! Who knows when the best time to drink this will be, apart from over dinner with the object of your heart’s desires. This will do it for us with quality sossis and mash. What a wine…

Presumably you think this wine is now impossible to get and vastly expensive if you find it. Well, I was given it as a gift from someone who got it from The Wine Society and it cost them the princely sum of £35. Powerfully mind-altering drugs or really filthily kinky prostitutes are more expensive and far less enjoyable. Go now, and buy…