Quite a manly village wine

I admit to being slightly prejudiced when tasting wines made by this producer. I know the winemaker (and sat around by a pool with him wearing togas last summer) and he is a terribly nice chap. I think it is very important to buy wines made by lovely people. When we tried his 2004s from cask they showed great promise as refined, elegant, proper Burgundy. This is an excellent source of beautiful Burgundy, the kind of Burgundy we love.

Morey-Saint-Denis 2002, Domaine Arlaud

This is quite dark. The nose shows lots of ripe, dark fruits; it smells quite a manly wine. Could it perhaps be a tad reduced on the nose? Not after five minutes of swirling in my glass. The palate has some big tannins, but there is a lot of ripe fruit, fine acidity and a good earthiness to it. It is very harmonious and balanced with good concentration and, despite its manly tannins, it is quite refined. The finish is very long and it is the dark fruit that persists. This is an excellent village-level wine. I am really enjoying my glass and I think the neighbours will love this when I take the rest of the bottle around to their place for a restorative glass of wine later tonight. Well done Cyprien!