Perle before toddlers

It’s still two days before my third birthday, but I’m in the mood to celebrate all ready. To be honest, it’s been a lousy couple of days, and my mood is barely holding up. What I need to support it is quality fizz and the Wine Society have provided the excellent Lilbert Perle; that should work a treat and get this pre-schooler all giggly.

I first tried Lilbert Perle with my excellent friend Jeremy and was taken both with the refined elegance of the wine and his extreme coolness as casually popping something so drool-inducingly drinkable. It’s not that pricy for seriously fine fizz, but rarely seen in the UK. Quality fizz seekers get yourselves over to the Wine Soc’s website and buy all you can before my overdraft issues are sorted and I can afford another bottle. Maybe two bottles… it’s nice to dream… So happy birthday to me and let’s see if reality matches up to my delicately sparkling memories:


Champagne Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs ‘Perle’, Lilbert

Very fragrant with more than a passing similarity to serious Premier Cru Chablis. There’s a lovely, delicate floral character to it. It’s so attractive I’m surprised it hasn’t etched ‘Drink me, child!’ on the inside of my glass. So I will just so I don’t get in trouble with the Champagne gods. Lovely, utterly lovely! Lemony fruit with floral hints, a delicate mousse and, despite its supreme refinement, there’s a real depth of flavour to it. It just wants to give you a good time and so after a glass I’m not surprised I’m feeling happier. It’s not for ageing, I’d suggest, but if you want a polished, elegant BdeB experience this delivers with masterful ease. I could drink this all day and never stop grinning, until my stomach screamed too loudly possibly, but I’ve only got one bottle. That will do quite nicely!

By the way, when I was browsing for this I noticed the Wine Society had Fevre Chablis Premier Cru Vignoble be Vaulorent 2007. As my tasting note shows, this Chablis is the one that has come closest to rendering my aesthetic sensibilities insensible. I’d buy some, if I were you. It’s a real bargain for something so compellingly nipple-clamping.