Morcilla Iberica Curada

I’ve been roused from my sick bed by the promise of breakfast – namely breakfast containing Spanish black pudding: Morcilla Iberica Curada. By the masters of ecky-thump, that is quality black pudding.

Morcilla Iberica Curada

This is different to most Spanish black pudding as it is made with cured Iberico fat and lean Iberico meat as well as blood. This makes it more like a dense sausage than a soft black pudding.

We normally cook it by slicing it into thick pieces and frying them. It is good to fry bacon in the rich, red fat that oozes out of the the cooking morcilla. This adds richly porky flavour to the bacon. The amount of Morcilla pictured, will just about satisfy two greedy diners assuming there is plenty of bacon, fried eggs and beans to get you stuffed. Breakfast is an important meal and you need large amounts of it – especially when you are suffering from some form of foul pestilence that makes your entire body feel like it is about to wither to a dried out husk and drop off.

Here’s some fried Morcilla:Slices of fried Morcilla with breakfast

Morcilla Iberica Curada is truly brilliant stuff, well worth seeking out. We got ours from the Spanish Ham Master – you can order online from them. Do be careful, though, such is the total deliciousness of the stuff it can drive you quite wild…

Editor Dani is wild about Morcilla Iberica Curada