Off to Burgundy!

At a frighteningly early hour this Sunday morning I will be heading off to taste the 2011s in Burgundy. I missed my trip last year, due to nearly dying repeatedly all summer, and I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends there.

Beautiful Pinot vines in Burgundy As I set off I will post a map here that will update every half an hour with my location. If you look at the map and read my Tweets (in the Twitter widget at the right of the screen or on my feed) you’ll be able to identify the locations of the producers I’m visiting as I taste supreme Burgundy. No doubt you’ll also see me lazing by a pool in Morey-Saint-Denis quite often…

The producers I’m visiting are: Arlaud, Champy, Dujac, Mugnier, Roulot and Roumier. Not a long list but I’m sure you’ll agree I’m high-grading quite intensely!

I will not be posting blog updates whilst I am away, apart from keeping the map updated automatically. Keep up with my larks using the power of Twitter and Facebook, both of which I can post updates to from my smart phone without incurring horrendous roaming charges.

See you when I get back!