Fun and fruity Nuits-Saint-Georges

This wine is made from declassified young vines and sub-optimally located parcels from Mugnier’s monopole Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru Clos de la Marechale – Clos des Fourches being the historic name for that vineyard. Whilst you can tell this is not up to the quality of its senior sibling it is a most enjoyable village-level wine.

Just an aside on the vintage. If you like young Pinot then 2007 is a vintage you should be buying and drinking. The wines are tumescent with attractive fruit and are extravagantly giving and accessible at the moment. They may not age to be the most pulsingly complex of Burgundies but the pleasure they are delivering whilst young shows they are not without merit. Freddy M’s wines are really rather ravishing in these forward vintages.

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Nuits-Saint-Georges ‘Clos des Fourches’ 2007, Domaine Jaques-Frederic Mugnier

Lovely ripe cherry fruit here on this juicy, fleshy nose. It is not that sophisticated but quite babelicious and there is most definitely a place for tits out Pinot particularly when the winemaker is not charging the earth for them. I suppose there are hints of minerality also present on this nose but it is really the fruit which is tickling my aesthetes. The palate is extremely voluptuous for a village wine – well upholstered with luscious fruit and polished tannin. This is most certainly a really callipygian example of Nuits which makes me wonder about how ‘Nuits’ it really is; should we accept Nuits de chez Chambolle as a valid expression of the genre or demand them all to be a tad more butch than this. I’m not completely sure, but I am very happy relax my normally stringent standards and enjoy this scrumptiously succulent bottle of Burgundy.