What a happy day it’s turned out to be!

When one starts thinking about super-elite producers like Domaine Dujac it is easy to get carried away with the heights of their vinous production. This Chambolle village from their negociant operation shows they are capable of the very highest quality across the board, even in less fashionable vintages.

For those who don’t know, Dujac Fils & Pere is the part of Domaine Dujac that uses brought in grapes. Even though they don’t own the vineyards the Dujac team control every bit of the viticulture and harvesting so the wines are Dujac in all but name. They certainly don’t lack for quality and, for those of us who like to drink good things frequently, they don’t leave your bank account in need of a hyperbaric chamber.

Chambolle-Musigny 2007, Dujac Fils & Pere

Chambolle-Musigny 2007, Dujac Fils & Pere

A supremely pretty nose of lovely, elegant fruit and svelte earthiness. The fruit is ripe raspberries with a bit of blackberry in the family lineage; highly attractive. It is charged with life and vim, really speaking of Chambolle in terms of aroma profile. It smells just the tits, man, I bloody love it. The palate has plenty of bright, fresh fruit, good acidity and a really polished, silky tannic structure. Good mineral complexity and it has decent length. Incredibly elegant and remarkably enjoyable to drink. And that is what it is all about, eh? Being nice to drink. This is elegant and refined, with good complexity and length, but I just want to sit back and enjoy my glassful with a satisfied smile on my face. Lovely.

Non-newscasted readers may recall I had another 2007 Chambolle village recently, Christophe Roumier’s, and may want me to comment on which I preferred. That’s asking a lot, I must say! I’m going to start off being evasive and say there is actually little between them stylistically or qualitatively and move on to a firm opinion by saying, unless you have an annual allocation from Christophe at cellar-door prices (I just get two bottles of the Chambolle village a year, bums), I’d go for the Dujac Fils & Pere in a gnat’s heart beat – it’s far more value-mongous whilst being just as cat’s arse quality.

Woodlands Jersey Beef rib-eye steak

Editor Daniel and I popped this little charmer to have with our dinner, two rib-eye steaks from Woodlands Jersey Beef. They were quite stunning bits of meat, with a great depth of flavour and a remarkably tender texture. Quite spiffing. You can read my review of Woodlands Jersey Beef here, and their online shop is here.

If I may come around to the title of this piece, this morning I was feeling miserable as sin. I had a cold hanging around, I had really bothersome side effects from my medication and I’d had screamingly horrible dreams that I just couldn’t shake the feeling of after I woke up. I’m a sensitive type (there’s nothing wrong with being sensitive) and my day started out badly.

As the day progressed, I got a bit of writing for my book done, I arranged a meal with some new friends, I spoke to my great chum Jeremy on the phone for 40 minutes (sorry for keeping you away from the family, Jeremy) then I shared this marvellous little wine and a wonderful meal with Dani. I’m now incredibly happy and feel the day has been a great success. I cannot honestly say to myself I’ll sleep like the dead tonight and start off tomorrow feeling on top of the world, but for now, I’m a happy little bunny. Hooray! We should revel in the good moments when they come along.