Two quick notes on two lovely Pinots

It appears an ’06 made it into our allocation of Mac Forbes, we decided to compare and contrast with the ’08.

Pinot Noir Coldstream 2006, Mac Forbes

[image image_id=2555 title=”Pinot Noir Coldstream 2006, Mac Forbes” align=”left”] I love the colour, it is very pale which I know would put some people off; if you demand inky blackness from your wines then leave my domain at once and go to a blog less concerned with beauty. The fruit on the nose is restrained but quite captivating and charming. It possesses some earthy complexity as well which raises this above mere fruit-bomb status. Indeed, the fruit and minerality are far too refined for this to be a blood-and-guts, knock-them-dead monstrosity: it is svelte, sophisticated Pinot which displays its stylish charms in a most elegant manner. From memory this seems lighter and more reserved than the 2008, but two more years in the importer’s cellar have not done it any harm. If I were being really picky I could venture that the wine lacks a shade of complexity, yet I still feel it is an interesting, thought-provoking and downright delicious drink that just slips down a treat. Australian wines are just never this refined and understated, such minimalist restraint would just scandalise most drinkers of Australian lighter-fluid. Pulsingly good but I think the 2008 is probably better. Shall we check? OK, here goes:

Pinot Noir Coldstream 2008, Mac Forbes

[image image_id=2174 title=”Pinot Noir Coldstream 2008, Mac Forbes” align=”right”] Again, very pale. Don’t worry if Pinot Noir is pale, am I making myself totally clear on this front? Ah now that is a nose of really lovely Pinot; it has layers of rapturous, ambrosial fruit structured to titillate the lover of fine things. There is also a good earthy tang to this, but it is that captivating, nectareous fruit which really yanks my bell-pull. A totally agreeable nose, which is deeper and more complex than the 2006. Yummy, this is a proper Pinot palate; it bursts with delectable fruit with a sleek tannic structure and enchantingly harmonious acidity. Bursting with vibrant life this has, without a doubt, what it needs where it needs it. Clearly a step up from the 2006. It is in a lewdly gratifying stage of evolution at the moment and I feel I should be drinking the rest of mine in the near future so I can enjoy this delectable experience at its most vividly rapturous. Bravo, Mr Forbes!

I’m going to lunch with Mac Forbes in a couple of weeks time. I’m looking forward to it, anyone who makes such good wine must be a lovely chap. We’ll be dining at [link2post id=”176″]Hawksmoor[/link2post], which has very reasonable corkage charges on Mondays, so I’ve got to decide what wines to bring. For whites I am torn between kick-arse white Burgundy (in [link2post id=”823″]this style[/link2post]) or a throbbingly vivacious Riesling (in the Fritz Haag/JJ Prum idiom). For reds I want to bring a minimalist, small-scale red Burgundy (such as an 06 version of [link2post id=”51″]this[/link2post]) and a really buttock-bitingly good Grand Cru Burgundy (which one to be decided nearer the time, I’ve got some Dujac in which I quite fancy). If any of you, my dear readers, know Mr Forbes then please ask him if these suggestions are acceptable.