I haven’t really been in the mood for wine much of late

What with throwing up upteen times during the day and being uncontrollably insane when I am not medicated to buggery, I haven’t really felt much like drinking. However, I pursuaded the partner that he should buy some of this as, along with Bannockburn Shiraz, it is undoubtedly one of my favourite Australian wines. It is more unashamedly Australian than a lot of his wines.

Shiraz “The Aberfeldy” Clare Valley 2004, Tim Adams

A rich, heady nose of ripe fruit, grilled meat, oak and (let us be honest) alcohol. It smells really complex which I have to say I find surprising in a wine so gratutioutsly Australian. Again I am surprising to find myself thinking ‘delicious’. The palate is very smooth and silky, but there is one serious whack of tannin there. The tannins are very ripe and integrated. This is a seriously grown up wine, I’m going to have to stop drinking after my two tastes or I’ll be violently ill. But this is not a quality comment on the wine, which is excellent. What a bargain for serious-quality Shiraz.