Jean Boxler Riesling can only rarely be bettered

Second Boxler in a few days, I feel fortunate and downright deserving. This wine speaks to me, and tells me much nicer things than my damned auditory hallucinations. Good job I can deal with them quite well enough these days and so pay more attention to what this wine is telling me, eh?

Riesling Grand Cru Sommerberg L31E 2004, Domaine Albert Boxler

[image image_id=”2632″ size=”medium” title=”Riesling Grand Cru Sommerberg L31E 2004, Domaine Albert Boxler”] Heavens above, this nose is incredibly mineral. There is a really powerful stoniness to it, vaguely similar too, but richer and more earthy than, the slate aromas one finds in decent Mosel Rieslings. There is also lots of citrus fruit of a distinctly beautiful, polished character. For all of its complexity and style I think this nose just erupts with love; a wine to sniff and be ravished by. The palate has obvious weight and power, yet is perfectly balanced by a screaming backbone of acidity more than powerful enough to burn a rather complicated pattern on the inside of my knackered stomach. I do love acidity in wines, balanced acidity of course, but my stomach does complain about it sometimes. Anyway, the interplay between weighty, ripe fruit, powerful minerality and star-bright acidity make this a decidedly thrilling, totally enthralling drink. Terribly long as well with all of those sophisticated flavours persisting for an impressive period of time. It is so complex and downright drinkable I almost wish I had the bottle to myself, but it is making my drinking companions smile so much how could I deny them a little top up? This is really very serious dry Riesling of outstanding class and top-drawer style, they don’t get much better.