Another Boxler cryptic code

I’ve just smelled this and I’m totally taken with it.

Riesling Grand Cru Sommerberg L31E 2004, Albert Boxler

A heady, opulent nose of rich fruit and powerful minerality. The fruit is very fresh lemon and lime, with a hint of crisp apple, and the minerality is rich and creamy. For all Boxler’s complexity and style, sometimes it is just the love with his wines that sweeps you away. This nose is certainly charged with love and it is a proper Riesling nose. The palate has an incredible acidity to balance the undoubted breadth that this wine has. Delicious, delicious fruit is very present. There is a hint of alcoholic warmth on the finish, but since the finish is so generally complex and extremely long I am not terribly worried about this. Love is a big theme in this wine, the palate delivers it too. I love it. Jean Boxler is a brilliant master when it comes to Riesling, to drink them is to love them forever.