By Farr my preferred Australian Shiraz

This is a properly balanced Shiraz which does not taste very much like other Australian Shiraz wines (see the [link2post id=”195″>comment thread here[/link2post] for more on this idea). For sure it is quite big, but it has a real sense of harmony which charms me no end.

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Shiraz By Farr 2006

Whilst this nose is clearly quite ripe it has a very attractive edge of greenness to it. The fruit is fresh and ripe rather than overblown and jammy, with great peppery spicy and earthy characters clearly present. This is a pretty complex nose and, despite its claimed 14.5% alcohol, I feel there is some restraint to it, it doesn’t burn or overwhelm. I’m pleased with this already, as are the neighbours for whom I popped this bottle. The palate has a really rather structured compliment of tannins, there is some serious firmness here, and a surprisingly attractive flash of totally integrated acidity running through it. That acidity also shows the hints of greenness that are present on the nose, the pepper character also makes it to the palate. The fruit is attractively ripe and accessible, but never too heavy, ponderous or soupy. These facets persist on the satisfyingly long finish, and their interplay and harmony make this wine seem really rather complex for a 14.5% wine. There is a lot to like in this wine. I’m sure you could age it successfully but I am not sure I can be bothered; it’s just so drinkable and pulsing with pleasure now.