Some really boring news about searching Elitist Review

I doubt many people have noticed it, but on the right-hand side of each Elitist Review page, just under the photoblog widget, is a search box. Until about ten minutes ago there was practically no point in using this; the way my blog software implemented searching was just laughably poor. As I always strive to serve my readers better I have managed, with only moderate amounts of farting around and swearing, to get Google to power my searches. This will allow you, dear reader, to search the sites more effectively and find exactly the piece of vastly opinionated lunatic ranting drivel you are looking for.

Attentive visitors may have noticed the other changes that took place over night. In the hope of having a more consistent look to the sites I have fiddled about with the colour-schemes of the Twitter and photoblog widgets. They now should be less strident and blend in more with the rest of the pages. I hope both my readers view these changes as improvements.