Finger lime marmalade

I’ve [link2post id=”695″]tried one of these ‘Oooh fancy!’ Australian lime marmalades before[/link2post]. This example comes from Rainforest Foods and it is made solely from finger limes which grow in the rainforests of Australia. Here’s the jar of it:

[image image_id=”2274″ align=”left”]

So, how does it taste?

The texture of it seems a bit strange, slightly granular. More noticeable than that are the screaming levels of acidity and bitterness. However, the lime fruit character is strong and very appealing and it is reasonably sweet too. When I look at these characteristics as a complete entity this seems really rather intense, but finely balanced and quite exciting in terms of its fruity vigour. It is really a lively, delicious and interesting marmalade. Many thanks to Aimee for sending this jar over from Australia for the partner and I to enjoy; we most certainly will enjoy it.

The question that always distracted me when thinking about limes goes like this: What was the point of limes before people invented the cocktail? After trying these couple of lime products the answer to my question could quite easily be “The point of limes is to make marmalade.”

Finally, never put a slice of lime in a gin and tonic as that is terribly bad form, only lemons can be used.