A good excuse to drink fizz

Today marks the eighth anniversary of the partner and I moving in together; eight wild but happy years. Seems a good excuse for fine Champagne.

Grand Annee Brut 1996, Bollinger

There is a lot of cold cocoa on the nose, hints of meat and digestive biscuits as well. It is a big, powerful nose with a lot of depth and definite signs of maturity, but not really terribly fruity. The palate is weighty and dense, a real mouth-filler. Incredible acidity, though, and the mousse is nice and fine. Serious length. This is a very good bottle of Champagne which I think it is time to drink. And now I’ll go drink and enjoy it with the partner rather than write any more.

Right, I’ve felt the need to add another word. This is perfectly mature in the sense of drinking over the next 2 years or so, it really doesn’t need any more time. I mean this seriously, Tully, don’t just keep yours until it falls apart, as you seem to have a TVD-esque penchant to do. You don’t need much of an excuse to open fizz, everyone loves it especially when it is as good as this.