Four and a half years on

This was one of the first wines [link2post id=”1624″]I reported on[/link2post]. Back then I said it needed food with unbound proteins and it seemed to work a treat with braised oxtail tonight.

Dominus 2000

There is an explosion of ripe, sweet blackcurrant fruit on the nose. Dare I say it, is this a bit earthy? It certainly has some cedar wood spice which, given the huge alcohol and fruit levels on this wine, make it smell like fun Claret. It seems to have digested most of the new oak that was so obvious four years ago. The palate is massive, fruit and alcohol are there in abundance. There is also a surprisingly high level of acidity in this, which stops this falling into the ‘soupy’ trap which these big wines are often caught by. This may be a massive wine, but it approaches being balanced. That being said, I think a couple of glasses will be enough after today’s heroism on the drinking front.