Two meaty ones

It is a compare and contrast session with two 1997 Mourvèdres.

Bridgehead Mataro 1997, Ridge

The nose is quite polished and round, but it seems that the fruit is beginning to leave this wine. It doesn’t smell particularly complex. The palate has a bit of fruit, but it is quite angular and drying out a bit. The wine is drinkable, but past its best.

Bandol Cuvée Spéciale 1997, Domaine Tempier

This is much more like it. Grilled meat, earth and dark fruit on the nose. It is very complex. There is a degree of arsehole character on the nose, but it is by no means distracting. It tastes very soft and smooth, with plenty of fruit and a long, complex finish. It is very much in good condition and is very pleasurable. Good stuff!