Little pleasures

I am as English as the day is long and therefore I like little pleasures. When someone offers an English person a cup of tea they will respond with the enthusiasm of someone who has just been given a thousand pounds. I think this is a fine and noble trait; it is good to be happy, even it is only a little thing that cheers you up.

I was thinking about this character of the English when I was so pleased with my lunch. The ‘priced like Harrods’ shop in my development has some really nice bread and so for lunch I made cheese and onion sandwiches. Sandwiches don’t get much simpler than cheese and onion. My mood was just getting better and better as I made them and when I got to eat I bloody loved them. Little pleasures. I feel I am back on top form when I can be made so happy by something as simple as a cheese and onion sandwich.