Banh mi in Woolwich! The whole area is improved!

[image image_id=”2304″] At the end of last month we visited a totally boring purveyor of tedium called [link2post id=”437″]Viet Baguette[/link2post]. A comment on a blog was our only hint that a identically named, but much better, banh mi establishment was here in horrible, horrible Woolwich. Lurking somewhere near Lidl, that scummy merchant of prole swill, we were told. A trip into the foul rain and wind was rewarded with excellent sandwiches for very little money.

We had a spicy pork and ‘special’ banh mi. Both bursting with freshness, with the desired combination of sweet and savoury, soft and crunchy flavours and textures. My spicy pork sandwich was chillied up just perfectly, but Daniel said he would have liked his a bit hotter. If we are being really picky I could say that the bread wasn’t amazing, but at £2.80 for my sandwich I am not going to lose much sleep over this.

Given that it is now possible to buy a decent sandwich for lunch, Woolwich is now somewhat less of a total dump. I will be going here regularly.

This was my sandwich:

[image image_id=”2412″]

And this was Daniel’s:

[image image_id=”2303″]