Bentley’s Oyster Bar is rubbish

Bentley’s Oyster Bar Review

I suppose I could be a bit more lenient on Bentley’s as we dined on a Sunday but I’m not going to: it was terrible.

It is not a bad dining atmosphere in the oyster bar, but it began to drag a bit as we were sat there with nothing to eat or drink for an age as the lack lustre staff ignored us. Our neighbours also were waiting for an unacceptable period and they were clearly dissatisfied as well.

We finally got to order and the food seemed bearly good enough to start with. The squid dish seemed to have been killed twice so rubbery was it. Once the starters had gone it was another interminable wait, punctuated only with them bringing a different bottle of wine to the one we ordered. This was remedied with the same degree of sloth that our orders were taken.

We were served an incorrect main course, and yet again there was huge delay in fixing this. The main courses were perfectly edible, but by no means did they make amends for the hopeless service. It was a great disappointment and I really don’t see the need to return there.

Contact: Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Restaurant, 11-15 Swallow Street, W1B 4DG. Telephone 020 7734 4756.