Fighting cider

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Westons seem to make most of the cider that one can find on supermarket shelves.

Henry Westons Special Reserve Vintage Cider 2008, 8.2%

A rich nose of apples with slight earthy characters. The fruit is quite fresh and complex, which we like very much. The palate is very characterful, with plenty of fruit and suggestions of those slightly weird, off flavours that can make cider interesting (or horrible if they are too strong). The booze-level adds weight and richness to the palate and carries the flavours very well. This really is one of my favourite fizzy ciders, classed in the same group as Eric Bordelet, although he is probably better. You know, as this bottle contains 4.1 standard UK units of alcohol I am officially classed as binge-drinking if I finish the lot. A quiet, healthy chap having a bottle of cider is binge-drinking? You’ve got to worry about how those that lead us seem to want us to worry so much about irrelevances.