As I often tell the partner, sometimes good things do come in large sizes

A three litre bag in the box of cider? Fuel for alcoholics, you might think. Well, possibly, but this is no Diamond Ice, it is really good. It costs a mere two quid per litre; good cider is such a bargain.

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Weston’s organic vintage still cider 2008, 7.3%

This has just enough of the rancid apple aroma of proper, quality cider; powerfully fruity and quite impressively complex. There is a good depth of character to its nose. This smells like serious cider. The palate is really dry, but has a hint of alcoholic richness. Its flavour persists for a long time, so I am pleased it tastes nice. There is a lot of interest here, good stuff, very good stuff as far as cider goes. It has the correct degree of ‘partially-spoiled product’ character, but is nowhere near as horribly off as most ciders one tries at a real ale festival. Top bunny, if you ask me, which I suppose you are if you are reading this.