Steaming with barely-suppressed rage

I’ve never tried this beer before. I’d rather that state of affairs had been maintained.

Anchor Steam Beer, 4.8%

One of the primary (of many) problems I have with this beer is that it smells of cat shit. Put the glass to your mouth and the horrible smell of cat egestion fills your nostrils. This makes it hard to enjoy. All the other characters make it hard to enjoy too. If we take it as given that by the time you taste this you already want to projectile vomit I’ll try and describe the vile filth flavours that assault your palate. It is very fat and soupy, with perilously little in the way of refreshing characters; it is not very bitter or acidic. There is something really dirty about the palate which just makes me think of the cat shit aroma. If I’d gone to the effort of tasting cat shit I am sure it’d taste like this. It is a flabby, dirty, shitty, generally horrible beer. Avoid. In fact, if you see any on a shop shelf do the world a favour and smash the bottles.