Scotch quail’s eggs

Inspired by the Scotch eggs we had at the [link2post id=”609″]Hind’s Head in Bray[/link2post] recently, Daniel decided to try making some himself. Sillfield Farm sausages are so good he could not use anything else for the sausage meat coating. Squeezing that meat out of their sheaths is quite fun. You will need:

12 quail’s eggs
600g interesting sausage meat
125g of breadcrumbs
3 eggs
Pepper and salt (if using inadequately interesting sausage meat)

Put the quail’s eggs into boiling water and let boil for two minutes. Then plunge the eggs into ice-cold water to let them cool rapidly. Peel the quail’s eggs under water when cold.

Roll 50g of sausage meat into a ball. Flatten and wrap around a quail’s egg; try not to maul the eggs.

Roll the the Scotch egg in flour, dip in the beaten egg and finally roll in the breadcrumbs. Put the Scotch eggs in the fridge or freezer for 5 minutes, and then dip in egg and bread crumbs again. They will look like this:

[image image_id=”2469″]

Deep fry in vegetable oil at 170°C for three minutes or until dark golden brown, then put in a hot oven for a few minutes. Enjoy!

[image image_id=”2275″]