Lunch at Fuzzy’s Grub

After our [link2post id=”713″]highly successful breakfast at Fuzzy’s Grub[/link2post] I decided to trek into Zone 1 to meet up with Daniel and try lunch there.

[image image_id=”3225″ size=”medium-cropped” align=”right”]

At lunch time they do a selection of roast meat sandwiches and I was keen to try what can be one of the most satisfying sandwiches it is possible to make: roast chicken on buttered bread with a good grind of salt. Simple, eh? But if the chicken and bread are good, there is real butter and enough salt this sandwich can be magic.

I ordered mine is one of their excellent baps, which I praised in my [link2post id=”713″]last review of them; the bap had real flavour and a great texture. They used real butter, which melted into the bap because the chicken was warm. The chicken itself was wonderfully good; moist, flavoursome and there was a lot of it. It was also subtly seasoned with herbs, which added to rather than masked the flavour. They put enough salt on it. This was a great sandwich, it made me happy.

[image image_id=”3224″ size=”medium”]

The locations of their branches can be found on the urbanspoon website. Find your closest one and get there for lunch ASAP!