I cannot deny that this is weird…

[image image_id=”2272″] … But I do love it. Most Belgian lambic beers are slightly odd at best, some are downright nasty with their aggressive acidity. This, however, slips down a treat. It is a lambic Gueuze-type beer re-fermented with some candy sugar added. This is not the best example, which comes from Cantillon, but it will put a smile on my face this afternoon.

Lindemans Faro Lambic, 4.2%

It is quite dark for a lambic beer. It has an aroma of sweet, ripe fruit: apples and berries, I think. It certainly smells rich and characterful. The palate is not overly fizzy. It has lots of weight and richness, but is not really that sweet. There is very good refreshing acidity here. The apple/berry character is also there, in a slightly rotten, but not unattractive, manner. This is really quite refreshing and is not going to get you monster-newscasted like some of the booze-tastic Belgian beers. Cantillon may make more lively, interesting and weird Faro*, but this is a quite charming drink.

*Should you visit Cantillon in Brussels and buy a bottle of Faro I suggest you keep in the fridge for a few weeks to allow it to re-ferment the added sugar. This will make it drier and give it a fine fizziness.

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