Would you believe it? I’m in The Union with The Kid again

This time I am starting off with something a bit powerful to refresh me. It’ll be the booze doing the refreshing with this beer as we are told it has low hoppy bitterness.

Meantime Smoked Bock, 6.5%

Dark amber colour which is appraching nutty brown. Yum, a rich malty nose which has powerful bready characters. Yes, this smells like partially cooked brown bread dough. Shall we say that is not a bad thing? Yes, let’s. As big gulp reveals little in the way of bitterness, and no floral flavours. It is malty and bready again, but this is a nice piece of bread with seeds and raisins and other such stuff that can make bread so good. Some complexity, some length too. What I like about drinking this is that it feels like a big mouthful of hearty food. Yes, this is good.