Modern life is brilliant

Specifically, I am thinking about the availability of quality booze from supermarkets.

When I was a fresh young thing, many, many years ago, the drinks you could buy in supermarkets were total crap. If you wanted cider it was either horrible, horrible Strongbow/Dry Blackthorn (no freaking difference between these two piss-awful brands) or a White Diamond equivalent (which are vom-tastic). Perry was practically impossible to get unless you could face drinking super vile Babycham. Oh I feel unwell even thinking about Babycham.

These days things are so much better. My internet supermarket, Ocado, sells things like [link2post id=”742″]Weston’s organic vintage cider[/link2post] and the totally delicious [link2post id=”697″]Weston’s Perry. As far as beer goes I’d never have dreamed of being able to buy things as good as Sierra Nevada Pale Ale so easily and my local large branch of Sainburys has the incredibly good [link2post id=”1180″]Meantime Brewery India Pale Ale. Of course, the wine selection in supermarkets has improved too, but I generally seek finer stuff.

Of course, this is all due to the general trends of people having more disposable income and generally seeking better quality goods. The Nespresso pods I’ve been raving about recently are another example of this. People demand good coffee and are capable of paying a bit more for it to be convenient to make. Oh that [link2post id=”766″]Indriya is so good.

So, in summary, if we measure quality of life by the ease of getting top booze modern life is clearly totally brilliant. I’ve just had a glass of Perry and I feel wonderful; maybe you should all try it and see how jolly you feel.