I do love it

The last wine written up is my idea of a fine wine. It is balanced, interesting and beautiful. I admit some good wines may lack one of these factors, but if something is really going to do rude things to my sense of smell and taste it has to hit these spots. This is a lovely wine, it spoke of the place it was made and spoke in a thrilling and exciting manner. I was compelled; I still am compelled with what remains in my glass. I don’t feel tired or generally shagged-out when drinking a wine like this, even though it is quite big and ripe, but I want to dive in for another taste and witness the interest of the cepage, thrills of the site and the skill of the winemaker. So, this tickles my fancy in a ‘tits out for the boys that is lovely’-way and it is intellectually stimulating as well. What more could a growing boy ask for?