Some marmalade for my Australian reader

My mother was recently in Australia visiting my sister and brought back some of what she claimed was the best lime marmalade she had ever tried. [link2post id=”740″]She is clearly in a marmalade mood at the moment[/link2post].

The company that makes this has a website but I don’t think ordering a jar or two of marmalade by airmail is the best of ideas. We shall have to leave this for our Australian cousins and any visitors to farmers’ markets in New South Wales.

Tuckombil Native Foods three fruit native lime marmalade

This is a lovely green colour and just opening the jar results in an explosion of candied lime aromas. There are big lumps of lime peel in it. It tastes really rather acidic but has a good fruity sweetness. Perfectly balanced, if you ask me. There is a real persistence of limey acidity flavours on the finish, keeps your mouth watering and makes you want more. Delicious!