Susan Wilk’s Tempest Bowl

It usually pays to be happy and enthusiastic. When my chum Susan Wilk let slip she was a part time ceramicist I gleefully leapt at her twitter account to grill her for information about what she makes and, if she could manage it, some pictures – I have a definite thing for ceramics. The charming young lady was so taken with my boyish enthusiasm she said she could manage making me a bowl! I was more excited than I am on sweet Saturday!

A little discussion followed and, having seen in her pictures the undoubted artistic ability she showed, I promised to give her some spiffy Hermitage for one of her bowls. As I’m sure my readers know well, it’s a fine bowl indeed that merits the gift of Hermitage! There was a slight delay but yesterday morning I received Susan Wilk’s Tempest Bowl – feast your eyes on it:

I’m sure the tactile web is but a few years away, so you’ll be able to handle it yourselves before not too long (although I would guess it might be faster to come to Winchester for drinks and physical bowl feeling given people’s reluctance to upgrade software). Until either one of those events occurs let me inform you that the bowl feels pleasingly rough like an igneous rock; I suppose both have a fiery parturition. The inside has a slight ribbed texture that almost pulses organically.

It’s now officially one of my favourite bowls, both because of the warm generosity of Susan giving it and because of its brilliant aesthetic qualities. If you have the power of Twitter I’m sure Susan would love it if you sent her a message congratulating her on the brilliance of her piece or, who knows, maybe you could commission something by her (here’s Susan Wilk’s profile on Twitter).

Observant readers may have noticed the presence of a jar of pickled onions in one of the pictures. The best pickled onions on Earth are sold out until Christmas, but even without their presence on the market I feel in my water that pickled onions are going to be the next foodie thing. I’ve previously decried the quality of all but those you can buy at Hampshire Farmers Markets, but we got this jar from Marks and Spencer and they were excellent. Excellent value too at 85p a jar. The picture is simply acknowledgement of a job well done.

On that note, the Elitistreview Team would be happy to accept donations of quality pickled onions (or shallots). We intend to mirthfully comment on their qualities, Test Match Special-style (only with pickled onions/shallots rather than cake), in posts as we nosh through them in one sitting (only if they are up to standard!). Contact us for the address and send in those pickles!